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Software libraries


PUPRemote emulates the LEGO sensor protocol. You can define custom sensors in Pybricks, SPIKE2, and Robot Inventor. In SPIKE3 you need to exactly emulate existing LEGO sensors. This is also possible with PUPRemote.

PUPRemote documentation


Mpy_robot_tools is the Swiss army knife for programming animated, interactive robots. It has an installer for LEGO SPIKE Prime and LEGO MINDSTORMS.

The library works on esp32, SPIKE, and mindstorms EV3, or any robot microcontroller that has micropython.

mpy_robot_tools documentation


Serial Remote Procedure call works over UART, sockets, and BT RFComm. In fact, it works over any serial protocol. The protocol is the same as UartRemote, but it is generalized to work over more channels than just UART. The protocol is compatible.

SerialTalk documentation


This is a library for robust, near real-time communication between two UART devices. It has been superseded by serialtalk. We developed it with LEGO EV3, SPIKE Prime, and other MicroPython (ESP) modules.

UartRemote documentation

Hardware documentation

Find all pinouts and board layouts for the expansion boards, like LMS-ESP32, from antonsmindstorms.com.

Hardware documentation

Firmware documentation

For our ESP32 boards, we have compiled powerful firmware. You can install the firmware via https://firmware.antonsmindstorms.com You have the choice of:

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