UartRemote documentation

This is a library for robust, near real-time communication between two UART devices. We developed it on python 3.9 with LEGO EV3, SPIKE Prime and other MicroPython (ESP/STM32) modules. The library is available on github: UartRemote on GitHub. The library has the following properties:

  • It is fast enough to read sensor data at 30-50Hz.

  • It is fully symmetrical, so master and slave can have the same import.

  • It includes a RAW REPL mode to upload code to a slave module. This means you can develop code for both modules in one file.

  • It is implemented in MicroPython and Arduino/C code. With arduino code, much higher sensor reading speeds are possible, but flashing is a bit less user friendly.

  • The library has a command loop to wait and listen for calls. That loop is customizable and non-blocking so you can add your own code to it.

  • The python-struct-like encoding is included in the payload, so the other side always knows how to decode it.

  • Compatable with most RS232-TTL 3.3v/5v converter board to further expand i/o possibilities.

  • Remote modiule importing

Usage: you can use all of parts of this library for your own projects. Please give us credits at least. We put a lot spare time in this. You are also welcome to contribute. Please fork and PR.


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